@bonifaceviii and I tied the knot on Saturday. It was literally perfect. I have lots of thoughts. Here are a few.
  1. All the cliches are true: it's the best day of your life, it goes way too fast, you'll never have that exact group of favorite people (shoutout to @jonathon @amyamy @zoe @cschweitz @magdalenam @maxborenstein @thesofiya @crovzar @Chirag43) in the same place again.
    By the end of wedding planning I was so tired of hearing the same advice ("stay with your groom, take a moment to stand outside the party and look in, make sure to eat") but it was all 💯 and I will now be one of those married people giving it to future brides, sorry not sorry.
  2. Being the bride is the best gig ever.
    Everyone tells you how pretty and skinny you are. Everyone tells funny/embarrassing stories about you and your fiancé/husband that are really about how much they love you. If it's 100 degrees and you sweat through the entire ceremony people pretend like they couldn't tell.
  3. There were some tears during the wedding and the first dance (which, incidentally, we CRUSHED), but I knew I was going to really lose it but I didn't know when. Here's how it happened:
    Written in bullet points bc I went over the 500 word limit in this box. I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS GUYS.
  4. The DJ opened the dance floor with a slow song. All of our friends/family stormed the floor in pairs, dancing around us, all so happy and in love. I looked at Steve and just started fucking bawling.
    I mean, the type of tears that were definitely tears and not like "oh maybe that's sweat BECAUSE IT IS ONE THOUSAND DEGREES RIGHT NOW." No mistaking these waterworks.
  5. For so long I was the singleton who despised the slow songs at a wedding - just a reminder that I was too picky or unpickable (thx Gillian Flynn) and I would be alone forever. Now, I was dancing with the person I love the absolute most in the world, surrounded by everyone else we adore.
    A friend brought up another moment in the wedding that she said reminded her of the end of a romantic comedy, but this was that moment for me.
  6. Your romantic happy ending - if you want one - is so, SO worth waiting for and I encourage you to have an epic party when you do.
    You know, if that's the type of thing you're into.
  7. One last story: as I was waiting for my grand entrance down the aisle, I was waiting in this little alcove off the hotel pool. A waitress stuck her head in and said "just so you know, there's a little girl waiting for you to come out. She REALLY wants to see the bride." I said "no one has ever been that excited to see me, bring her in here!"
    This 6 year old towhead comes in shyly, accompanied by her mom, and basically loses her shit because she's meeting a princess. Then I lose my shit because a little girl thinks I'm a princess but I try to behave like a princess and not like a normal girl who is unbecomingly overcome. Her mom says "you made her day, thank you so much." I say, emphatically, "no way. She made mine."
  8. And one more true cliche: the best part about wedding planning being over is that you're no longer planning a wedding. It is so awesome to no longer be planning a wedding.
    So now I can focus on planning the 9/12 LA drinks. Happy hour. Location TBD. Come! Yes, YOU!