We all know the common emoji lexicon, but what are the words this new obsession has forced us to create? They don't have to have List App in the phrase, that's just where my head was at. Open list!
  1. List App-rehension
    The moment before you post a list and you hope it's not terrible.
  2. List App-titude
    How good you are at making lists that people like, scored by the metric of "trending" and the mysterious "editor's picks" column (one day, @dev, one day...).
  3. List App-xiety
    When you wake up and realize there are tons of new lists you have to read and HOW WILL YOU GET IT ALL DONE but also this is a high-class problem.
  4. @dev-istation
    That feeling of loss when you copy something from your notes or Safari, click back into The List App, the thing crashes, and you lose.your previous work. Always Be Saving Drafts, people!
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx
  5. List App-reciation
    The outpouring of love and clever emoji that follow every list.
    Suggested by @johnnyartpants