Inspired by my exchange with @Abby about TSwift's new video (which looks rad and by now certainly stars everyone but @jonfavs).
  1. Is Taylor's friend Abigail embarrassed about that "Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind" line in Fifteen?
  2. My guess is not anymore but, like, when Fearless came out...maybe?
  3. I think I'm captivated by the question because it's one of the only times Taylor reveals something so personal about someone who isn't a love interest or a rival.
  4. It's also one of Taylor's absolutely most gorgeous lines. That whole song is gorgeous.
  5. I've just always been curious.
  6. Although she probably just asked Abigail if it was okay and Abigail said yes and I've overthought the whole thing.
  7. As usual.