No, my profession is not "hooker," which one might assume from the above.
  1. Busy
    At my actual profession. And also writing lists here.
  2. Lazy
  3. Too stressful to pick a specific shade
    Am I feeling more "A-List" or "Twin Sweater Set"? Or maybe "Pouf Daddy"?
  4. Don't want to make random small talk with a nail technician.
    She doesn't give a fuck anyway, but I still feel bad.
  5. Don't want to feel bad about NOT making random small talk with a nail technician.
    Even though she doesn't give a fuck anyway.
  6. Don't want to wonder what the nail technician is saying to her colleague about me in a foreign language.
    And then wonder if I'm self-obsessed because I assume they're making fun of me and not discussing, like, the book they're reading or if Princess Kate is having a girl or a boy.
  7. No cash for the tip
    I refuse to use the ATM there which charges an extra fee even though that fee is probably equal to what I lose in the seat of my car on a weekly basis.
  8. Because fuck the patriarchy, man!
    ...but my nails would look nice in a red, especially one with a kicky name.