I know this crowd is most likely way more into the latest offering from Netflix than the next iteration of a CBS procedural, but this one is worth a shot. Here's why.
  1. First off, please note: I'm not in the habit of flogging my projects mercilessly, and I'd hate people to think my feed will turn into advertisements for this stuff.
    But I'm proud of this one and also @Grosstastic requested it so what could I do?! I am a slave to a list request. I hope you like it if you do check it out!
  2. Patricia Arquette is a goddess.
    And now she's a goddess with an Oscar. Respect.
  3. It's shockingly relevant.
    Want to know all the things you SHOULDN'T be doing with the device you're reading this on? Check it out.
  4. James Van der Beek is surprisingly bad-ass.
    The man formerly known as Dawson Leery surprised American with his comedic, self-parodic turn in Don't Trust the B****, now he breaks out as an action hero in this show. Wanna see the former poster boy for the ugly cry take a running dive into a lake as a last ditch effort to save a victim? You can, tonight at 10.
  5. The critics have shocked themselves by liking it!
    Both the LA Times and Deadline Hollywood's reviews basically read "I was about to write a screed eviscerating the nine millionth spinoff of this franchise, but you know what? It's actually pretty good," which is awesome and hilarious.
  6. I can rap every word of "Take Ya Home," the 2001 hit by Lil Bow Wow, and now Bow aka Shad Moss kicks ass on this show.
    He plays a former black hat hacker who gets brought into the fold. I have yet to reveal my rap skills to him.
  7. God Peter MacNicol
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx