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  1. My TV boyfriend Robert Herjavec, who always talks about his love for his wife and their long marriage and etc, is getting divorced!
  2. At first this scandalized me, as it looked like he was hooking up with (still maybe is?) his DWTS partner, which seemed like a totally awful way to ruin your marriage THAT YOU TALK ABOUT ON TV ABOUT BEING THE BEST EVER.
  3. But I just saw an emotional interview on the People Mag website about how he contemplated suicide after his marriage fell apart and ended up - to get out of his own head and think of others - anonymously working at a Seattle homeless shelter.
  4. Good-hearted altruist who's just trying to pick up the pieces?
  5. Canny marketing expert who's spinning his divorce to look like the nice guy the way he spins potential investment partners on the show and in real life?
  6. You kinda gotta respect the tactic either way...