Here for a bachelorette party (not mine). Got in early. Most ppl are drinking. I am walking around, taking pics, and making a list. I'm a ListApp addict.
  1. I am putting this sign on every door I own when I get home. 👏👏👏 (really mad there aren't salt and pepper emojis to add here too)
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  2. I'm a sucker for a fountain diet coke. Tragically, this place is closed. It's like they're forcing me to start drinking.
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  3. One opinion.
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  4. A different opinion.
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  5. Purposeful alteration of the hackneyed line? What do they have against paths?
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  6. I am! I'm creating this list!
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  7. There's no one in there. OR MAYBE IT'S A GHOST WEDDING. New Orleans has lots of awesome ghosts.
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  8. See?
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