Hi everyone! Been on a listing hiatus due to work madness/exhaustion/procrastination. I've loved reading everyone's and it's nice to have time to just read and not create. But now I'm back to listing. For reals. So here's what's happened in the past few weeks:
  1. Had dinner with @MissBicks at Jon & Vinnys, stalked down @HJ to rave about ListApp.
    Dinner was amazing and the wine Helen suggested was so perfect that we crushed, er, let's say several glasses and you can decide on a liberal definition of "several." Thanks, Helen!
  2. Got some compliments at work!
    My department is not super effusive so this was exciting.
  3. Worried extra about messing up after getting said compliments!
    Because the idea of relaxing and enjoying a kindness vis-a-vis my job performance is clearly impossible to my brain.
  4. Sent out wedding invites and felt really proud of how much I've gotten done, planning-wise, with a minimum of stress.
    Getting the RSVPs is my absolute favorite - my grid of meal choice and gift and thank you note sent is MASTERFUL. Yes, that is the dorkiest brag ever.
  5. Had wedding walk-through, where the venue liaison and my planners made me feel like I had actually gotten NOTHING done because holy fuck how are there this many more decisions to make?
    They weren't actually trying to make my head spin, they are wonderful and supportive and great at their jobs, but...GAH!
  6. Panicked about how it's 6 weeks away from my wedding and probably I should be skinnier.
  7. Hated myself for body-shaming.
    Fuck the patriarchy, right?!
  8. Continued body-shaming.
    Patriarchy: 1, Mandi: 0.
  9. Woke up today to a gajillion lists and FB statuses and tweets about the wonderful news that love is love and everyone who wants to get married can.
    I was already excited for my own wedding but reading the decision today and everyone's eloquent and emotional commentary about what this means to them and for our children has just made me feel the warmest and fuzziest possible. Reading so many smart folks of all orientations talking about the meaning of marriage to them has made me think even more about the commitment I'm making and how special I think it is.
  10. That said, adored @caffrin's shout-out to the singletons of the world.
    Whether it's because you aren't into monogamy or you just haven't met the right person, this is a day for you too. And if you're feeling sad and wondering where your person is, I know my words are just words, but I believe that your person IS out there. I do. Yes, even you, person reading this list and shaking his head.
  11. It's good to be back, and it's good to be back on a great day like today.
    You missed me, right?