Hazy Shade of Winter was my audition song. I had a dance that went along with it because I read in some "how to be a Disney star" book you needed one. But my mom refused to take me to auditions.
  1. Manic Monday
    They would've pegged me as a Bangles girl from the start, due to my mind-blowing audition routine. They'd ask me to do the back walkover I used in "Hazy Shade" in this number too, but I'd tell them I'm no one-trick pony.
  2. Book of Love
    This would be a cute doo-wop number - probably three girls, three guys. Britney and Justin would be in this one too, and Christina and I would talk behind their backs about how Justin was way too good for that trashy ho. This would be my first exposure to the word ho.
  3. 1-2-3
    Britney and I would take alternating verses of this Miami Sound Machine classic ("Come on baby say you love me 5-6-7 times..."). After rehearsals we'd talk about what a skank Christina was. Same deal as "ho."
  4. Yesterday
    I would be in the background, providing supporting vocals for this one, watching enviously as handsome Tony Lucca sang a haunting solo which seemed meant for girlfriend Keri Russell alone. Yeah, the lyrics aren't the most romantic, but he didn't pick the song okay?
  5. I Think We're Alone Now
    This would be one of those filmed videos - not a live performance. Basically a recreation of the Tiffany video, lots of black and white and running on the beach with my co-star, Ryan Gosling. But I'm the only one who would get to sing.