I saw the GOT s5 teaser and got excited. Spoilers below (books and TV series), obviously.
  1. Rickon
    The only interesting thing this kid's done is make people think he's dead, and that wasn't even his doing. Snooze.
  2. Bran
    He's only ranked higher than Rickon because he's an actual character. He got more interesting once he learned how to warg, but still. I'd take Hodor any day.
  3. Robb
    It's crazy that Robb is so beloved by show-only fans, because in the books he's a total pain in the ass. Sure, he's hot, but he's totally indecisive and therefore a terrible leader and kind of deserved the Red Wedding because he acted like a short-sighted brat. Just do the arranged marriage and screw the other chick on the side like everyone else!
  4. Jon Snow
    I'm kind of meh on Jon Snow, too. Too emo. But I like his wolf and his hijinks with Sam. And I'm kind of hedging my bets because if he turns out to be who tons of fans (including me) think he is he'll seem a hell of a lot cooler. Or hotter, because dragons.
  5. Arya
    Kick-ass warrior, she's been through more shit as a tween than anyone ever. Excited to see whether she ends up picking the light or the dark side of the force. Either way, my money's on her to kill Cersei.
  6. Sansa
    Sansa Stark is, to put it simply, the best. Yes, she begins the series as a self-obsessed pain in the ass, but her growth over five books is equal to, if not greater than, fan fave Jamie Lannister. Unlike Arya and Dany, she is living the way a female is expected to, and has managed not only to survive, but to thrive, and hasn't (yet?) had to resort to Cersei-like tactics to do so.