Thanks, guys! Keep em coming! And add anything folks here have passed on to you that you adore!
  1. Smitty! Genius astrologer.
    Had an hour-long phone session with her thanks to @sophia and @Grosstastic. Only $135 for some really amazing insights. She's funny and kind and I wish I could chat with her all the time. Really rad.
  2. Single, Carefree, Mellow - short stories by Katherine Heiny
    @marthastewart turned me on to this book (that @meganangelo later seconded) - I rarely read short stories and I adored these. Different moments in the lives of very real, complicated, not always likable (but who is always likable) women. Great read.
  3. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
    @alexandrafiber, my home and my soul thank you for giving me a new way to think about what I keep/toss. I will also say that @bonifaceviii and I have taken to saying "I'm going to Kondo this" when we throw things out (I know that's not exactly what the method is, but it cracks us up AND we're better about getting rid of random crap).
  4. [title of show] soundtrack
    Already downloaded and am loving the first few songs, feel confident I will be playing this one on repeat for the foreseeable future. Thanks @alexandrafiber and @vp!
  5. Dragon Dictation App
    @ChrisK, I wrote the first draft of this list using Dragon while driving back from a meeting. Thank you!