7383 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood.
  1. Back room is reserved under Amanda.
    Cause I get oddly formal when I make reservations apparently.
  2. Cash bar.
    Unless one of you finds a bag of money (like Scrooge McDuck-style, burlap bag tied with string with a huge dollar sign on the front) on the way over and feels generous.
  3. As previously stated, I will be there at 6 or possibly at 5:59. See list about useless superpowers for explanation.
    Feel free to come on time so I don't have a total panic attack that NO ONE IS COMING THIS IS THE MEANEST TRICK EVER. Or come whenever's convenient.You do you.
  4. I am tagging everyone I can remember and am so so so sorry if I have forgotten you - I love all of you and cannot wait to see you so please don't feel bad if my brain doesn't dredge up your name at the current moment!
  5. Insert all the happy emojis here!
    I'm excited to meet you! Yes, YOU!