Because organizing groups is another useless superpower of mine.
  1. First off, this is in no way sponsored by our ListApp founders, @bjnovak and @dev, but I very much hope they approve of the idea and that they'll come by (not sure if BJ is in town? Dev, you're on the hook.)
  2. Happy hour this Sunday night. Let's say 6pm. Feel free to be right on time if you're so inclined because I am incapable of being late so you certainly won't be the only person there.
  3. Location: Hollywood seems central for most of us - someone previously mentioned Mud Hen Tavern on Highland, which I like bc it's somewhat close to a freeway exit.
    Not married to that idea at all, but I am going to call them when they open and see if we can reserve some space for a mid-size group. Please suggest other ideas if you have a genius one or a hookup somewhere!
  4. What would be super helpful is if you'd RSVP here if you're planning to come so I can tell the venue about how many we'll be.
  5. Please come so it's not just me crying into my Sauvignon Blanc and making a list about how it feels to try and organize a drinks and have no one show up.
  6. Yay can't wait to see/meet you guys! Tagging some people I think are in town here - if I forgot you it's my oversight - EVERYONE IS INVITED!