THE 5 📷🔀

Joining in on @NKraft's fun meme
  1. My sister and I have successfully taken over the #whereistaylorswift Instagram hashtag - this is a screenshot.
  2. The Little Mermaid ride is my favorite ride at California Adventure (amended per @NKraft's correction, though it is my fave ride out of BOTH PARKS OK). I sing along loudly to Under the Sea every time (ok, and all the other songs).
  3. Indian restaurant in NYC. I adore the food and the lighting scheme. I think maybe @zoe and I went here together once?
  4. Champagne with one of my best friends the day after I got engaged. This was right after the waitress asked if I was dieting. Sigh.
  5. The back of my Northwestern HS theatre program t-shirt (CHERUBS 1998 RULE), which I still wear to sleep most nights.