Inspired by @bjnovak and @alexblagg. I had no idea how contemptuous I was about the NYT til writing this, but also I think I'm just kind of a grouch today. You do you, NYT, you do you.
  1. Styles
    Roll eyes at most of the "trend" pieces that are six months to two years behind the times, get to weddings section and play "who do I know who got married?" Extra fun now that Instagram exists and you get to learn who the people behind the witty hashtags your friends were posting all weekend actually ARE. (Bonus points for whoever can think of what Nicky Hilton's wedding hashtag should have been!) This week in particular: giggle at the article on Ojai bc I'M GETTING MARRIED THERE IN 1 MONTH!
  2. Arts
    Roll eyes at any snobby "high culture is king, commercial fare is lame" articles, mentally high five the world that those are fewer and further between in this section these days (go Amy Schumer go! You own that front page, girl! And a feature on Sonya Tayeh, So You Think You Can Dance's genius choreographer? Adore!).
  3. Book Review
    Roll eyes so hard at the lack of respect for female authors who haven't written books pretentious enough to be reviewed by the paper of note (Jennifer Weiner's said it all more eloquently than me, go forth and google.) Also get annoyed by reviews of books by non-pro reviewers (Arthur Chu, enjoyed you on Jeopardy, not sure that makes you a qualified NYT book reviewer). Smile at the Best Sellers charts, where enjoyable and smart reads the Times usually doesn't review live with aplomb.
  4. Sports
    Only during NFL season. Roll eyes at the hole my NY Giants can't get themselves out of but keep loving them anyway.
  5. Travel
    Roll eyes at the existence of these adults who have time to fuck off to camp for weeks on end. Who are these people?! Jealous.
  6. Magazine
    Exult in the pleasure of a new Sunday crossword puzzle, no eye-rolling at all.