Loved this list from @sally and glad I get to do my own!
  1. Survivor is an inhumane social experiment.
    When I found out (in 1999) that CBS - where my father has worked for 40 years and where I now also work - was adapting a Swedish reality show format where people would live on an island, separated into two tribes, and vote a tribe member off each week, I was aghast. Especially when I heard that the first person voted off the Swedish show KILLED HIMSELF A MONTH LATER. Then the show premiered and I got hooked and basically pulled a "let's pretend this never happened" re: my earlier moral huffing.
  2. My life will be better when I lose weight/get a boyfriend/get the lead in the play/get into that selective club.
    As a teen, I was always striving for whatever brass ring was just outside my grasp. And some of that stuck with me as an adult - I'm still not entirely immune to the whole "the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake" (YES I QUOTE SEBASTIAN THE CRAB ON THE FUCKING REGULAR DEAL WITH IT) feeling, but overall I'm much better at understanding that no one "win" makes one's life perfect or easy. Proud, sure. But the demons don't just slink away now that you're engaged or a size 2 or etc.
  3. War keeps things interesting.
    I distinctly remember being in fourth grade and thinking that war had to always exist because it meant things were dramatic and exciting. I was a total fucking naive idiot. War is awful. I can't believe I even thought that for a second. (Or that I'm admitting I ever did. Thanks, supportive ListApp community, please don't hate the self-absorbed 10 year old I once was.)
  4. (Insert name of celebrity) is gay.
    Maybe they are, maybe they aren't, it's none of our fucking business and everyone should calm down about it. Honestly, nothing deflates a braggart w/a story about how his friend's sister's dogwalker got down and dirty with Bradley Cooper than saying "well, if that's true, it's disappointing that person is gossiping about it." Mostly I feel sad at the idea that some celebs feel they have to stay closeted to keep playing straight roles. Hoping this changes as time and progress march on.
  5. Bangs are a good look on me.
    They weren't.