Title stolen from @garrett. Some of these homies just joined, some have been here awhile, all are delightful and crushing it on here.
  1. Perfect friend, badass lawyer, owner of the Best Dog Ever. We used to drink margaritas and be sad together. Now we drink margaritas and are happy together. The latter is way more fun.
  2. Poli-sci genius who's going to dominate the gaming world (the astrologer said so!), Also, he's hot. I'm marrying him in August so don't even try to step.
  3. She was crushing Twitter before ListApp was a glimmer in @bjnovak's and @dev's eye. Now she's set her sights on this community - watch out. Ask her about everything from current world affairs to Diet Coke and binge-watching.
  4. My go-to scene partner in Elvin from The Cosby Show's acting class, CRR now has a fiefdom in the digital landscape. One day he will get the puppy he deserves.
  5. @jonroessler
    We had a two hour general meeting and the rest is history. Writer/director/scholar/mix-maker extraordinaire, I'm so glad our friendship has lasted longer than Fat Fish Sushi.
  6. Writer, reader, ballerina, feminist. She won't stop naming her characters crazy things but at least now she explains why. Ask her about how quickly she went en pointe and be staggered by the answer.