Or maybe already does and I just can't figure it out? I know I could just email and ask this but I love listing now IT'S ALL YOUR FAULTS @bjnovak @dev
  1. I'd love a way to save lists to some kind of "helpful" folder.
    Ie great lists of books or movies I want to remember to see, or especially things like @Lilysaltz's cozy bed recommendations for next time I go sheet shopping... I have so many lists that I have liked and relisted that just favoriting or relisting doesn't seem like the ideal move (though obviously I did both, @Lilysaltz 👏👏👏).
  2. I think that a tag system, like one might use on a blog would be great, too. I'd love to be able to file lists under #advice, #music, #food, #personal, etc @dev @bjnovak
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz