Usually because I was too young, but occasionally because I'm just dense. Most of these have to do with sex and drugs. There are definitely still references out there I don't get.
  1. Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach"
    I thought she was telling her dad "I'm keeping my baby" because he was trying to make her break up with her boyfriend.
  2. Street Fighter 2.
    Are Ken and Ryu brothers? Gay lovers? Seriously, I have a lot of SF2 questions, this may be fodder for another list.
  3. Meg Ryan in the When Harry Met Sally diner scene.
    I thought she was just trying to embarrass him by being loud.
  4. Clueless: Cher tells Tai "I'm still baked"
    No clue what this meant. I guess I thought it was slang for drunk that I hadn't heard?
  5. Similarly, Travis brings his bong to donate to the charity drive Cher organizes - he asks where it goes and she says "I don't know, kitchenware?"
    I swear to you, when I saw this in the theatre (I was 13 I think) I thought it was a "penis pump" (I put that in quotes because I don't even know what I thought THAT was). I was not into drugs as a teen, clearly.
  6. Most of the literature I read in junior high/high school.
    Spoiler alert: IT'S ALL ABOUT SEX. I think the only one that really cottoned on for me was The Sun Also Rises, because come on, not even I'm that oblivious. To be fair, at the time I was reading a lot of VC Andrews type stuff outside of school, where the sex is not implied but explicit, so you can understand subtlety being lost on me. (Same goes with horror novels - I'm lookin at you, Stephen King)
  7. Pitch Perfect: "It's my lady jam"
    The kids (aka my sister's friends, who are in their early 20s) say that this means masturbation. I just thought Brittany Snow really liked that song. And singing it in the shower.
  8. It took me forever to understand why everyone thought TSwift was saying "all the lonely Starbucks lovers," it never sounded like that to me.
    I guess Taylor and I are just so in sync that I can't mishear her lyrics. (except now that I've figured it out it's all I can hear grrrrr)