Thank you, @doesntmattr, for this delightful request. Feel free to add! You too, @paigeyp, @anneclark, and everyone else!
  1. Two-person teams.
    I know some of you like the Free Agents style better, but I really love seeing who gets paired up and how (if) they get along. Some of the best buddy pairings have come out of this - Laurel and Cara Maria, Emily and Paula, Wes and CT, etc.
  2. More strategy.
    I love Wes because he's always working 10 different angles. He would've crushed this season if not for the exile twist, which he had no way of knowing about. Sarah also worked some good strategy by the end. Bring me more schemers, MTV!
  3. A same-sex hookup/couple.
    Has this happened yet? Like for real, not girls drunkenly smooching.
  4. Cara Maria and Laurel!
    I love them. Come back, ladies! And maybe fall in love?
  5. Someone to call Johnny Bananas on his shit.
    This guy is such a freaking hypocrite. He does whatever he wants and then gets mad when it's done back to him. I want someone to walk in there armed with examples of the times he went back on his word not to throw someone in and everything else he says he would never do and rub it in his face.
  6. CT post-Diem
    Too soon? Maybe, but I bet when he returns he comes in HOT. He's gonna want to win to honor her memory and there's gonna be a lot of talking about it.
  7. An eating challenge before the final.
    These are so gross I can't handle them but also amazing to watch.
  8. More challenges like the "memorize the puzzle, run up the hill and put it together, go back" one that killed everyone this past season.
    The ones that mix brains and brawn are my favorites, especially when they require hard-core endurance like that one did.
  9. TJ being both insanely proud of someone and insanely disappointed in someone else.
    As we've listed previously, TJ is the man. His utter disdain for quitters is matched only on the opposite end of the spectrum by his extreme pride in a player or team who fought hard even if they didn't win. He's like the big brother of every player on the show - you're dying for his approval and crushed if you disappoint him.
  10. A team challenge!
    I guess we can't have both team and partner challenges, but there hasn't been a team one since Cutthroat! And I really liked the premise of Cutthroat- three teams, secret voting, somehow all the good players getting eliminated!
    Suggested by @anneclark
  11. A crazy random cast member
    Like Lacey on Seasons. Or Jo on Gauntlet 2. Id love to see if Dan from Northern Trail is still hot! Or if Dan from Miami is still hilarious.
    Suggested by @anneclark