I would chastise @garrett for exposing my Candy Crush obsession, but let's be honest: I talk about it almost as much as I talk about my health insurance so I guess what I'm saying is I'm REALLY fun.
  1. When someone's late to meet you for lunch/drinks/whatever and your immediate thought is "ooh I can play another round."
    I may also show up to things a few mins early for this reason. Well, that, and I'm incurably early.
  2. When you're up past midnight and your immediate thought is "ooh I can spin the bonus wheel again."
    Well, my first thought is "I'm up past midnight I AM SO BADASS" because I am an old tired person, but that's my second thought.
  3. When you're on a level that's hard but strangely satisfying so it's okay that you keep failing to complete it.
    Level 819, I'm looking at you.
  4. Lamenting all the things you could've/would've/should've done instead of Candy Crushing.
    Let's be honest, though, I would've just been procrastinating in some other way.
  5. Rationalizing the inordinate amount of time you spend on this game.
    "I AM USING MY BRAIN THIS IS HELPING ME THINK IN A DIFFERENT WAY" - things I have maybe said multiple times to @bonifaceviii