In Mexico for 5 days with the almost-in-laws (including the delightful almost-sister-in-law, who may be single-handedly saving my sanity) and the fiancé. It's a family trip but totally different.
  1. They haven't heard all of your best material yet.
    My comedy stylings are those who haven't heard my stories a thousand times already.
  2. They're always asking if you've had enough to eat.
    I grew up in New York with two sisters. Seconds were given a very strong side-eye. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips and all that.
  3. But you can't be rude when they ask 100 questions.
    The wedding questions have not stopped, and I can't roll my eyes and say "seriously, WE HAVE SIX MONTHS CALM DOWN," like I would with my mom.