I love this request and only was so slow to post because I kept being too lazy to take photos. Thanks, @hollis!
  1. Here's the purse.
    Here's the purse. It's turquoise, huge, heavy, and battered. And I love it.
  2. iPad
    Changed my life when I started reading scripts and books on here rather than lugging around hundreds of dead trees. The sticker is from some press tour event I think.
  3. Keys
    Car and home on separate rings because, as Cher Horowitz says, "everywhere you go has valet."
  4. Wallet
    Birthday gift from my sisters years ago. Full of receipts, loyalty cards, and maybe one or two dollars. I never have enough cash because I hate stopping at the ATM. If I'm ever robbed they will be severely disappointed.
  5. Sunglasses case (with sunglasses inside)
    I lost the glasses that came with the case, and around the same time lost the case that came with the glasses that now live in this case. Serendipity or proof I need to take better care of my sunglasses and sunglass accessories? You be the judge.
  6. Makeup bag
    Crammed to the gills, yet I somehow can never find the thing I'm sure is in there. If you need a band-aid or twelve, though, I'm your gal.
  7. Lip balm, hand cream, hand sanitizer
    My almost mother-in-law got me that egg lip balm thing and now I'm addicted.
  8. What's not in here:
    Pens. I either have like 10 or zero in my bag. Never just one. Today it's zero. Tomorrow, probably 10. I'll let you know.