I know these are not good uses of my time, and I'd like to say I wish I knew how to quit them ala Jack and Ennis, but...I don't wish that at all.
  1. Entering online sweepstakes.
    "Click here for a chance to win a trip to Turks & Caicos!" Does anyone ever actually win these? I would love to hear from someone who has. That said, my skepticism doesn't stop me from entering Every. Single. One.
  2. Google rabbit holes.
    Fair warning: if you're a writer, director, or actor who I'm meeting with, I have 💯 gone down a long and twisted Google hole about your life. Thankfully I've never had @zoe's recently-listed heart-breaking experience, but some of you should perhaps delete that blog from 2004 about getting stoned in your college bestie's basement. Or don't. You do you. Just know Big Sister is watching...and writing it off as professional research.
  3. Candy Crush
    There's a whole other list about this, but I can't not include it here. I am on level eight hundred and something and can't even think about the productive things I surely would have done instead if I weren't so addicted. (Spoiler alert: they actually would have just been other things on this list.)
  4. ListApp. Though I don't think this qualifies as a time-waster at all.
    Every interaction I've had on here, every list I've written or read or commented on, has affected me in some way, large or small, and that is by no means a waste of time. Just don't tell my employers how many hours I spend doing this vis-a-vis doing actual work, please.