I've been obsessed with the llamas on the loose story today and I didn't want to post two lists so close together but I just really want to talk about the llamas!!
  1. Exercise
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    That black llama's looking a little chubby. I think the white one decided he needed a workout.
  2. They hate the elderly
    They were apparently being taken to be used as therapy animals at a nursing home and this did not suit them.
  3. Anti-racism march
    They are in Arizona, folks.
  4. Black llama just confessed his love for white llama.
    White llama just wants to be friends. Things got heated. White llama made a break for it, and black llama's attempting to catch up and win her with a passionate smooch.
  5. The donkeys dared them.
    Now they get to dare the donkeys back. Black llama's thinking it'll be something along the lines of "make out with the farmer's wife," but white llama would rather not make everything so sexual all the time. THIS IS WHY IT WOULD NEVER WORK OUT BETWEEN US, she thinks, rolling her llama eyes. HE MAKES IT SO AWKWARD UGH.