1. Instagram
    Compulsive thumb click every time I open my phone. If I rearrange my layout it takes my thumb a day to get used to finding Instagram first
  2. Seamless
    I delete it after every time I order, and then the next week I download it again because I forgot to buy groceries
  3. Twitter
    Only used to live tweet The Bachelor or award shows
  4. Barre3
    When I feel disgusting but am too lazy or too cold to go for a run
  5. li.st
    I get a notification that @Adam posted something so I open it
  6. YouTube
    What I'm doing on Saturday mornings from 10am until 11am
  7. PokémonGo
    A toxic relationship that I can't let go, even though I'm not seeing it anymore. Did I say seeing? I meant playing. I'm definitely not dating PokémonGo...