1. See a Broadway Play in NYC
  2. Meet a Parrot (on my shoulder)
  3. Give a toast to a dear friend
  4. Write a book (or short story)
  5. Ice skating in Rockefeller Center
  6. Buy a louie
  7. Dance a beautiful routine
  8. Wear a gorgeous black ballgown
  9. Laugh until I cry
  10. Eat pasta in Italy
  11. Squash grapes with my feet
  12. Watch movies all day in bed (while not sick)
  13. Search for buried treasure (that will wind up in a museum)
  14. Kiss under the Eiffel Tower
  15. Visit the CSI museum
  16. Help someone fulfill their last wish
  17. Visit Disney
  18. Go on vacation with my whole family
  19. Learn to sail
  20. Read the bible
  21. Take a class on photography
  22. Reconnect with a past friend
  23. Take Luke to the purple pig
  24. Picnic in the park
  25. Watch the sunset & sunrise (without setting an alarm)