Dating 101

  1. Always let the man choose the location if you expect him to pay. He should factor in his finances when deciding.
    *first few dates*
  2. If date #1 sucked so will #2 & #3
  3. If he spends more than 10 minutes talking about his
  4. Don't give up too much too early
    This is both your opinions and your body
  5. If you want kids, marriage, etc bring it up casually don't wait until a year in and find out he hates children.
  6. If he talks about his "crazy"
  7. Stay true to yourself, if it's not heading in the path you want move on
  8. Find a common ground
  9. Ask questions and offer answers
  10. Don't hog
    The attention or the appetizer
  11. Move as fast or as slow as you're ready for
    One date a week? 4 dates a week? It's up to you