1. Speaker phone. Really? Do I want to hear a conversation about your child's doctors apointment? No. Please Stop.
  2. Wearing so much foundation it looks like you caked on 10 layers. Please Stop.
  3. Putting thoes family stick figures on the back of your car. Nobody cares you have 3 cats. Please Stop.
  4. Saying Bae. Are you talking about your boyfriend? Your friend? Your babydady? Your girlfriend? I'm confused. Please Stop.
  5. Scheduling a meeting that could have been an e-mail, I don't have the time (or patience) to sit in a room with you for 30 minutes to discuss the format for a project. Please Stop.
  6. Answering the phone when we are at a restaurant. I'm spending time and money to be with you. Unless your child is in the hospital it can wait. Please Stop.
  7. Facetime in public. Hello, didn't you just see that person yesterday? Did they change in the 24 hours since you saw them? Text them. Please Stop.
  8. Purple lipstick? Whoever told you that looked good - lied. Please Stop.
  9. Cargo Camo Pants. Just no. Please Stop.
  10. Talking about if your dog went poop today. Nobody wants to talk about poop and nobody cares. Please Stop.
  11. Lying about likeing the gym. You don't like going, nobody does. Please Stop.
  12. Leggings are NOT pants. I can see your vagina. Please Stop.
  13. Crop tops. If I can see more than 1 inch of your skin it's trashy. Please Stop.