1. Nothing good happens after 2am
  2. Someone thinks you're a bitch, a liar, a prude, a slut, etc. Live with it and move on.
  3. Try not to overthink, it's going to be ok (really)
  4. Wear sunscreen - sun spots are a real worry
  5. You're not as fat as you thought you were
  6. If he didn't call you it's his loss (save your tears). There are plenty of other men.
  7. It's OK to have an opinion and share it. 50% of people will disagree with you and that's OK too
  8. It's OK to wait - for marriage, for kids, for the right job, the right house. There is no manual for life.
  9. Take time to reflect on hardship but not so much time it changes you.
  10. You can change your mind, your track, your path. That doesn't mean you've failed.
  11. Don't believe everything you see on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  12. If you have a gut feeling trust your instinct
  13. It's OK to live on the wild side (now and then)
  14. Student loans never go away
  15. Live in a city for at least a year
  16. Don't run to your parents for everything but know they are there if you need anything
  17. Your friends will disappoint you, love them anyway...
    ....know when to fight and when to walk away.
  18. Always have three dresses in your closet suitable for: a last minute business meeting, date night, a funeral. You can't plan for these events.
  19. You do need people. You never know who might be a good reference.
  20. Buy the shoes
  21. If you don't love it in the store you'll never wear it
  22. Always buy the insurance
  23. Take pictures, even when your hair is a mess
  24. Pay for the dry cleaning, the shoe repair, the tailor
    It's worth it
  25. Be nice to your siblings they are your forever friends
  26. Go to the birthday, the baptism, the wedding. Otherwise you'll regret it.
  27. Kiss lots of boys, but save yourself for the ones who deserve more
  28. Eat the cake
  29. Learn how to share, that's a life long lesson
  30. Be generous but know when you're being taken advantage of (this is very tricky)
  31. Have an agenda, but use pencil
    Nobody likes someone who can't be flexible