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  1. Pretzels
    They are so bland....what's the big deal? Whenever I eat them I just get pretzel dust all over whatever I'm wearing
  2. Ice Cream
    I think ice cream is fine especially during the summer or if you're on vacation at the beach. But why are people obsessed with it? Who craves ice cream? And what kind of person wants ice cream when it's cold outside?
  3. Pets
    This one is probably the most controversial. In theory pets are cool but I have never met an animal that I wanted to bring home and have live in my house. You probably don't understand this, but just know I don't understand your relationship with Mr. McFluffins
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  1. Dogs will poop everywhere. No one will clean this up.
  2. Water is not free
  3. In some cases, water is more expensive than wine
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