1. Aqua
    This was the second CD I ever bought and I knew every word. And yes, it was totally an album of hits.
  2. Five Iron Frenzy
    Ska. Lol.
  3. Christina Aguilera
    Hell that first album pre plastic was chock full of classics. I'm a genie in a bottle baby!
  4. The Used
    Until I saw them live and they made the crowd chant 'Grilled Cheese Sandwiches'. But mostly it was just seeing them live.
  5. The Rocket Summer
    "Oh... He's so cool - he plays every instrument..."
  6. Avril Lavigne
    I loved her way more than I was prepared to admit to anyone.
  7. Good charlotte
    One night I was up late and I saw this clip on Rage. But of course being rage, I tuned in just after the title had shown. It took me weeks to work out who sang "motivate meeeeeeeee". I was so in.
  8. Stacie Orrico
    She had this killer track about wanting to have sex with her boyfriend, but knowing she shouldn't. Dem feels.
  9. Shania Twain
    Some of the first songs I taught myself on guitar were her ballads.
  10. Chad Kroeger
    Yep the paddlepop lion and Nickleback frontman. Admittedly I only knew one of his songs, but I freaking loved it. **Maybe it was because it had Santana in it...
  11. Michelle Branch
    Where is she now?
  12. Static