1. JD — Scrubs.
  2. Avery Jesop — 30 Rock.
    "Happy Holidays... is what terrorists say. Merry Christmas. Avery and Jack."
  3. Dr Cox — Scrubs.
    Long single breath rant lists.
  4. George Constanza — Seinfeld.
    How he gets away with lies, cheating and laziness.
  5. Titus — Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt.
    Pinot Noir. CAVIAR.
  6. Winston — New Girl.
    The epic adventures of Winston & Ferguson.
  7. Bailey — Greys Anantomy.
    She would tell us all to stop wasting our time and her time.
  8. Tracy Jordan — 30 Rock.
    "A puppy committed suicide after he saw our bedroom!"
  9. Major Healey — I dream of Jeannie.
    Everything is always a fumbling kerfuffle with that guy.
  10. Dwight — The Office (US).
    Informative lists about beets and survival.
  11. Dowager Countess of Grantham — Downton Abbey.
    Lists chock full of disapproval and sassy insults.
  12. Chandler Bing — Friends.
  13. John Cage — Ally McBeal.
    Barry White moments and all the times he was being disparaged.
  14. Phil Dunfy — Modern Family.
  15. Kevin Arnold (in voiceover form) — The Wonder Years.
    Weird things in that little dudes head.
  16. Boyle - Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
    Hot foodie spots and steps to learn romantic hair shampooing.
  17. Jeff - the host of Survivor.
    Ok he's not a character but he is the BEST.
  18. Denny Crane - Boston Legal.
    Denny Crane.
  19. Giphy