I love it. I love it all. Except that I hate a bit. Here's why:
  1. Every character you love gets taken away before you realise that you love them.
  2. Callie is so beautiful but her boobs are so weird.
  3. Amelia drives you completely nuts, but you know that people like her exist so she is valid.
  4. Avery is smokin hot. (When he doesn't have a beard).
  5. Shonda knows her shiz. Talented people really get my goat.
  6. You love the idea of having a 'person', but you're glad yours isn't some messed up neurotic whack job called Yang.
  7. Some of the surgeries make you gag, but somehow you rationalise that watching them will make you "a stronger person".
  8. They never show poop. Even though hospitals are full of poop.
  9. Kepner re-virginizing.
  10. All the black guys are suave. Avery. Ben. The chief that's no longer the chief. And even Baileys early husband. You remember. That hot mayor from Hart of Dixie.
  11. You cry in 93% of episodes.
  12. There's a guarantee of at least 3 freaks a season.
  13. All the female doctors wear their hair out. And lip gloss.
  14. Karev - you kinda like him but you wish he still spoke like Massimo from The Wedding Planner.
    J.Lo for lyfe.
  15. Lexie spoke and ate candy like a Gilmore Girl.
  16. Did Arizona's fake leg grow back into a real leg? Who knows!
  17. Addison wore a bucket hat and pigtails.
  18. Imagine if Teddy married Hunt. Her name would be Teddy Hunt. She would literally be going on a bear hunt.