I'm not one of those crazy "feminist" that wants to burn her bra. I just believe that just because I was born a female I am no less a person than a man.
  1. I had no say over what gender I was born.
  2. I was raised by a man who taught my sister and I that we could be and do whatever we wanted no matter what.
  3. I was raised in a church that celebrated women in pastoral and leadership positions.
    I had a female youth pastor, female intern, and my friend's mom would regularly preach to the congregation on Sunday mornings.
  4. I currently attend a church where my pastor encourages, celebrates, and supports women in all leadership aspects of the church.
    Not just children's and women's ministries.
  5. Jesus used women to spread the message of Christ
    E.I. The woman at the Well
  6. I have chosen some strong female role models to follow.
    My sister @Som521, My best friend @Erickahhh, and @mindy aka the lovely Mindy Kaling
  7. I am a teacher and I have young girls looking to me as an example. I want them to know and believe they can do and be anything they want to be and there is nothing stopping them.
  8. Someone fought for my right to vote.