1. A younger student's mother's car got broken into this morning while she was dropping him off at school. He was, understandably, very upset, scared, and crying. Two of my boys went over and sat with him and cheered him up. Then both gave him a fist bump before returning to our line.
    There ages are 9 and 10 and the little boy is 6.
  2. I was trying to organize my stuff and a bunch of sticker sheets fell on the floor. Before I could turn around one of my boys had stopped playing the game they were in the middle of and picked them up for me.
  3. Anytime they get excited and expand on an assignment that I give them.
  4. We brainstormed what it means to have good character and how to show it. The list was made up of things they said. I didn't have to add in anything.
  5. The same boys that helped the little boy calm down yesterday decided to check on him today to see how he was doing. They gave him a bracelet to wear so he could match them.
    Literally I was about to cry I was so proud of them.
  6. I had them break into groups of 4 and build their own Olympic stadiums and they got so into it. They made up names for their stadiums and everything. Every single team worked together so well. Only one team had a small spat and they resolved it quickly.
  7. My "classroom" is the gym so every morning I have to set up the classroom part with rugs, tables, chairs, and my storage units. I had been doing it by myself and then yesterday all my kids that get to camp early started helping me set up and they also did it today.
  8. Anytime I see some of my kids going out of their way to be nice and include others.