I'm very sarcastic and my boss doesn't understand that kids understand sarcasm and don't get offended by it. And sometimes the only way to get them to understand how rude they are being is by being that rude to them.
  1. Um...that's rude!
    Said multiple times to my oldest kids, specifically boys, who think they can say and do whatever they want.
  2. That's weird you should stop doing that.
  3. Okay...why do I need to deal with this?
    Told to my oldest kids who like to tattle about stupid stuff.
  4. If I want your input I will ask you. If I don't ask you, be quiet.
    They like to tell me their opinions while I am in the middle of talking to them.
  5. Y'all are being ridiculous you need to stop.
    I've actually gotten in trouble for this one.
  6. How dare you?!
    Said in my best Mindy Kaling voice when a child says something insulting to me. Said in a joking matter but I would still get in trouble for it.
  7. I said *insert instruction here* that's final, get over it.
    Said when someone argues with me.