Things I Only Say to Kids 4 and Under

I am a preschool teacher and I have to say some strange things sometime.
  1. Do I need to put your shoes in the microwave?!
    When kids take their shoes off we stick them in the play microwave and they hate it
  2. Friends, please don't flush the toilet for another friend.
    Yep...that makes them upset...
  3. Cooper! Keep your tongue to yourself!
    He licked another kid in the face
  4. Show me your bubbles!
    Walking quietly in the hallway
  5. Pull your pants up before you leave the restroom
  6. Do I need to take Peppa?
    Peppa the Pig is a tv show for kids and some of the kids have stuffed animal Peppa's to sleep with.
  7. Abby! What is in your babies diaper?!
    She hides toys in there
  8. Shoes don't go in our mouths that's gross
  9. Get your underwear off your head!
  10. Control your body!