1. Wow! They have so much stuff! All I want to do is design my own house.
  2. Omg I hate kids. They have a kids area so you don't have to take your kids with you to shop. Parents should use it.
  3. This place is huge.
  4. I'm feeling overwhelmed.
  5. I've been in here forever!!!
  6. What time is it? What day is it?
  7. Omg I hate kids.
  8. Will I ever get out of here?
  9. If I don't, please tell Sam Hunt I love him.
  10. Coffee mugs for $3!!! I need 6!
  11. These prices are soooo good!
  12. Seriously just leave your kids at home they don't give two shits about Ikea
  13. Look at this cute napkin holder I need thisn
  14. Actually I only need this 3 dollar pillow so that's all I'm going to get.
  15. Oh wait I need a dresser. Let me get one of those too.
  16. IKEA is why I never want children
  17. I just spent $107 and I was only planning on spending $3 what the fuck!!!
  18. But I got a super cute napkin holder and a dresser!
  19. I'm so tired
  20. I don't want to put this dresser together
  21. I'll do it next weekend
  22. Like for real everyone hates you and your kids. Leave them at home.