Unspoken rules at General Admission concerts

Standing room GA shows at places like House of Blues
  1. Unless you either have waited for hours at the entry or have spent money on early admission do not come in late and try and shove your way to the front. Those people have waited for a long time to see their favorite band up close you're just being an ass.
  2. Turn the brightness on your phone down. It distracts from the concert and it's also incredibly rude to be staring at your phone while an artist is preforming.
  3. There is a time and place to take selfies or have another person take your picture. During the middle of an artist's set is not the time. Wait until it's the in between when all you are doing go waiting around.
  4. Cool it in the PDA. We get it! You're in love (or lust) with the person you came with. I'm super happy for you but, making out and hanging all over them is annoying and makes everyone around you uncomfortable.
  5. Smoking. Seriously guys, this is ridiculous. Most people around you don't want to smell that and you are literally putting everyone's health at risk for your own selfish addiction.
  6. Knocking into people. I get it. We are all standing super close and are getting super personal with strangers but, if you shove into me in anyway and do not apologize you are automatically my enemy for life.
  7. Talking during an artist set. It's so rude! These people put their heart and soul into their music to preform for you. Don't stand there and talk to your friend all night. This is not the time to catch up with friends it is a time to enjoy music. If you want to catch up go to dinner.
  8. Drunk people. If you turn into a douche bag when you drink don't drink so much that people around you hate you. You do not look cool. You look like a fool.