Ways I judge a potential mate on an online dating site

  1. Pictures: if a picture is worth a thousand words, then make sure they don't make you like an idiot or a douche bag
  2. Your screen name: if it has the words redneck, gym rats, or anything sexual I'm not interested.
  3. If you don't use proper grammar and complete sentences I will never respond. Saying, "how r u?" gets an automatic delete. Seriously we are adults, write like it.
  4. If you answer all the question as a joke.
  5. If you talk about being a gun slinging redneck it makes me want the puke.
  6. This is an automatic no.
  7. If you feel the need to tell me all your political beliefs especially if it is in your first message to me.
  8. Nope not happening. We are adults. You should not feel the need to use cheesy pick up lines.