so I love this show with all my heart but omg my jaw just dropped watching this
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    k so we start off with Chris walking into Ron's office
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    note the position of ron's gun
  2. β€’
    cue Ron reaction shot
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    all good so far
  3. β€’
    but then when we go back to Chris the gun position has changed
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    ok so this is nitpicky. shit like this happens all the time in movies and tv. whatever. also it could just be a different angle. idk film isn't my thing. but then something crazy happens...
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    as Chris's hand falls to his side he accidentally knocks Ron's gun changing its position
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    omg ron's gonna be so pissed you guys!!😬😬😬
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    flash back to Ron with a look that clearly says, "don't touch my gun, you fucking communist."
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    I'm on the edge of my seat - what's going to happen?!?!?
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    also Ron's gun is back to normal
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    to the writers of parks and rec: why????? that would have been so funny!!!!!!
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    also, to the writers of parks and rec: your show is amazing don't ever change.
    except the gun thing - that was fucked up