1. maybe today you will meet someone new who is smart and funny
  2. maybe you will have a lot of time today to watch Netflix
  3. maybe you will see something that makes you laugh that you will remember fondly later on and smile and your friend will ask you why you're smiling and you'll say "oh it's nothing I just remembered something from before" and your friend will not ask what you remembered because she knows it wouldn't be as funny if you repeated it.
  4. maybe global warming, which threatens almost every facet of our existence, will be a little less productive today
  5. maybe it will be announced today a show that was unjustly cancelled in 2003 will get a reboot and it will be in the hands of good, smart people who you trust.
  6. maybe you will eat a burrito today.
  7. maybe you will walk into a store today and they will be playing a song that you really like and you will pretend to look at things in the store until the song finishes.
  8. maybe things will feel easier today.
  9. maybe you will not have to look at pm harper's dumb head today.
  10. maybe your favourite sports team will win today.
  11. maybe your favourite team will lose but it doesn't make you feel as sad as you thought it would.
  12. maybe the person sitting across from you at the burrito place will think you look like a cool person to know.