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  1. Saeed Jones
    I've read prelude to bruise three times now. so should you.
  2. Claudia Rankine
    "Citizen" was a devastating, necessary read. I don't think I've read a collection that's felt more vital, vulnerable & rebelliously alive. it made me want to read everything else she's done. this phrase cores me every time: "Wait with me. Wait with me through the waiting might be the call of good-byes" (from "February 26, 2012 / In Memory of Trayvon Martin").
  3. Sachiko Murakami
    one of my favourite toronto-based poets. her stuff is experimental but also not afraid to be beautiful & decadent, which is a delicious combo. yum.
  4. Laura Broadbent
    amazing poet from montreal. my favourite thing she's done is this chap book of interviews with clarice lispector, jean rhys, sebald & an empath. it's weird and really good.
  5. Eve Ewing
    She's a kickass scholar of inequality in education at Harvard and an awesome poet. Political, radical & devastatingly witty - "I disguised myself as a painter in a time of artless men." (from "How I Arrived")
  6. Dalton Day
    everyone follow dalton on twitter @lilghosthands. his poetry is fragile, open & actually adorable. he writes the best dog poems.
  7. Jax NTP
    someone retweeted Jax NTP's jellyfish haiku and I fell in love. everything I've read by them feels so fucking vital. They are also a poetry editor at the Offing!!! here's a haiku called whiskey jellyfish #3: pinprick lips resound / when our fingertips flickfuck/ almost unavowed
  8. Wayde Compton
    I'm actually in the middle of 49th Parallel right now, which is about the first black settlers in Canada who migrated north from San Fran in 1858. awesome blend of history, found poetry, experimentation from probably my favourite author right now. his short story collection "The Outer Harbour" is one of the best things I've read.
  9. Heather Christle
    her phrases are so pretty and complete I have to stop reading to cope like every five minutes - "I eat stars / it's a riot / I know / my big mouth / full of their light" (from "I Can't Swim")
  10. Sarah Kay
    She's an incredible, young poet. She has a TED talk, two books of illustrated poems, and has a non-profit designed to teach children poetry. My favorite poem of hers:
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