((I feel like the Internet isn't better or worse just more better and more worse))
  1. it brings people closer
  2. it creates new spaces for people marginalized by our shitty arrangement of power
  3. it's a medium that allows people to love themselves better
  4. corporations can manipulate us more effectively
  5. it proliferates the racist, sexist, ableist, classist, transphobic, anti-black bullshit already prevalent in our society
  6. it creates an imagined distance between us that allows me to admit things I would not in 'real' life
  7. an imagined distance that can sometimes feel isolating in a real way
  8. it can be an unsafe space
  9. sometimes it allows me to be separate from my anxiety and the things I don't like about myself
  10. this can make other parts of my life seem harder
  11. cat vines
  12. it is an escape when things seem too hard
  13. netflix
  14. the office on netflix
  15. other shows on netflix
  16. the office again on netflix