1. the last 500 words of my essay
  2. erasing my first 2000 words
  3. writing 2000 more words of my essay
  4. my essay
  5. it's a 2500 word essay
  6. do you guys know 2500 words?
  7. please help
  8. it's about a book but no worries you don't have to have read it
  9. I didnt
  10. looking back I probably should have
  11. but it's not like I didn't know that
  12. there's actually a lot of self-awareness and agency involved in postponing crisis to a later date
  13. it's not smart probably
  14. but I usually work ok under a deadline
  15. to be fair this was before listapp
  16. I wasn't able to just write thoughts down in this bizarrely addicting format
  17. words that now that I think about it could really be boosting my word count
  18. maybe I can screenshot this list and send it to my prof
  19. for professor salih:
  20. I'm pretty sure she's not on listapp
  21. she really should be
  22. imagine if she was tho
  23. that'd be pretty cool
  24. but then again she would know I hadn't actually read the book
  25. which would be bad
  26. but equally as bad as not having an essay to hand in
  27. she has a no late essays policy
  28. you just get a zero
  29. kind of a dick move but she's pretty cool
  30. I probably should have called this list thoughts I'm having right now
  31. typed in as I think of them
  32. it's really too far to scroll up now tho
  33. I'll just press next