pretty sure this list is the opposite of the flexing emoji 💪 @celeste @kellydehoop
  1. where I am rn
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  2. idk why I'm here I'm 100% not listening
  3. my listapp feed cannot update frequently enough to fill the void of my interest in this class
  4. seriously, my prof is so dull
  5. ppl just randomly walk out of this class cause they literally cannot take it anymore
  6. it's actually ridiculous to watch
  7. k but in addition to not being interesting, the prof is actually pretty racist
  8. "in the orient, they..."
    there's no end to that statement that's not racist
  9. "orientals are..."
    she said both these things
  10. racist lady
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  11. she's also super transphobic and a lot of other shitty problematic things
  12. like as if I'm paying for this shit
  13. I'm really hungry
  14. I'm gonna get some falafel after class
  15. that'll make everything better
  16. falafel is a way better deal than tuition in terms of value and not making me feel boredom and anxiety
  17. guys idk if my phone is gonna make it through the next two hours
    I really didn't expect to be needing to be on my phone for three hrs straight when I decided not to bring my phone charger. uggh 😔😔😔
  18. soooo boooored
  19. this is what my heart looks like right now:😒🐜🌧🏌🚧🔌⏰⏲⏱🕰☠📄🚫
    anatomically accurate
  20. so I've started watching arrested development with subtitles
  21. it's the one where Michael doesn't let Gob get a frozen banana for free
    selfish, Michael. selfish..... Michael.
  22. k now my stomach is grumbling loudly and ppl are noticing
  23. this is terrible
  24. do you think the girl in front of me would notice if I stole her banana?
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  25. probably.
    selfish, girl in front of me. selfish......girl in front of me.