have a feeling this won't be relatable and is way too specific and weird but omg this emoji is so special to me.
  1. when I'm unsure what to respond to someone's text, 👻 strolls into my convo like a fucking boss
    seriously, you're my hero and apply always in any and all conversations.
  2. her day job is chasing pac-man
    when she's not featuring in most of my text conversations, 👻 is crushing it at work. let's be honest pac-man is a greedy douchebag whose shit needs to be fucked with. thanks 👻!
  3. 👻 is the most unrestrained, beautiful expression of joy I can think of
    tongue-out, hands up - everybody, this is an objectively better way to show your happiness than smiling awkwardly. you should probably start doing this immediately.
  4. maybe 👻 doesn't feel joyful all the time (I know I don't) but when she does, she shows it and it's breathtaking.