Or is it called a handle, I'm still not sure
  1. Once I was a newbie
    I was like what is this funky little thing @bjnovak keeps tweeting/instagramming about and I downloaded it and I had to pick a name
  2. So I went with my usual choice: mandamarie2
    That's a little silly though because I was here a while ago so I probably had a large selection of names to pick from. I certainly wasn't the second mandamarie here.
  3. Twitter: mandamarie2
  4. Instagram: mandamarie2
  5. Why change if it's working, right?
  6. But I didn't get List at the time and that it's an actual community and that my name was kinda weird, long and less creative than everyone else's
  7. If my name was mandamarie2 in real life I would go by a nickname because that shits just blah
  9. Behold my new name, man man
  10. This was a nickname given to me by my two roommates freshman year of college
    So this nickname is very near and dear to my heart and has stuck with me throughout the years
  11. This is me, Chelsea, & Jordan
    The nickname creators themselves
  12. Or also known as Jor Jor and Chel Chel
  13. This was our glorious dorm room after we had just rearranged the furniture
    The birthplace of my nickname, Garner Hall. It was once deemed the worst dorms in the U.S. by the Huffington Post
  14. So today when I was trying to think of a name between Mandi and mandamarie2, manman felt right