A look back on this past year in no particular order.
  1. I downloaded the list app
  2. I started and ended my first full time job
    I loved this job. I worked in hospital ERs with patients who were there for a psychological reason and determined their level of care. I miss my team but I don't miss 24/7 scheduling
  3. I moved back in with my parents
    I am so grateful for Free rent and food
  4. I started graduate school
    So far not really a big fan
  5. I became a godmother
    Most of my lists mention my hatred for children so it's surprising that I absolutely love this child. I am so in awe by her and her ability to win over hearts. Babies are weird.
  6. I applied for and got a credit card
    Moving on up from the student card (even though I'm a student)
  7. I turned 24
    Nobody likes you when you're 23
  8. I started parting my hair in the center sometimes
    Did it for 2 weeks straight and no one noticed but I still interchange the side and center part
  9. I went on a vacation
    At first it was looking like I wasn't going to get to go anywhere this year after not going on vacation last year. This summer my family went without me while I worked so I thought I was doomed but I was able to squeeze in a Disney trip this Thanksgiving
  10. I made my first crochet project
    Knitting is my thing
  11. I registered to vote
    With all the moving I have done the local voting never seemed logical. So with the upcoming presidential election I'm getting ready
  12. I became a substitute teacher
    Despite my hatred for children, I actually really love this job and the kids... Sometimes